Inspired by Artist & Author, Tilya Helfield

From left: Mary McIntyre, Hilya Telfied, Anahita Nepton, Ruth Zarisky Jackson, Cheryl Andrews

Artist and Author, Tilya Helfield

My writing group, Life Writers Ink, headed to an Irish Pub in Toronto to meet with artist and writer, Tilya Helfield. We spent three delightful hours exchanging ideas about literary interests, Tilya’s renowned artistic talents and the concept of creativity.

I first met Tilya in a Ryerson Online Memoir Workshop facilitated by Allyson Latta. Her evocative stories about growing up in Montreal captured quirky events and intriguing characters in her family in the 40s, as well as the history of old Montreal.

Since then I’ve learned that in the late 60s and early 70s, Tilya’s weekly articles under the byline, Take It From Tilya, in two Montreal newspapers, The Suburban and The Sunday Express showcased her popular, insightful and humourous writing style about a busy husband and wife raising four children, and Tilya’s frustrating distractions from pursuing her artistic and literary career at a time when women simmered from limited personal growth opportunities.

Tilya is also a gifted, multi-media artist. She has shown her works internationally, listed in 26 public collections. Tilya never stopped taking workshops and conducting lectures and workshops for artists in Canada and the USA.

Recently she completed her memoir, which awaits the publisher’s consideration. Tilya posted an essay titled, The Writer and Artist as Memoirist. Tilya’s passion and confidence in the creative process, coupled with practiced talent, is inspiring.

There is nothing better for me at this stage of my writing journey than speaking with can do people. They raise my energy and enthusiasm for my pursuit. Once again the shared efforts of Life Writers Ink members, and the connections we pursue advance our personal projects. And we have fun at the same time. Thanks Tilya.


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