Congresswomen: Gabrielle Giffords and Isabella Greenway

In 2011 there are only three Congresswomen in Arizona state history.
Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford

You had to live under a rock to miss the sad news of the assassination attempt on popular Arizona Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford in 2011. The shooter killed six bystanders and injured thirteen others. News of Gabrielle’s condition in rehab in Houston, and updates on the other victims’ health appears daily in Tucson newspapers.

democratic-congresswoman-gabrielle-giffordTribute for Tucson Shooting Victims Jan/11

I snapped this photo when passing a street corner tribute to the victims. The obvious grief exhibited by the community and the concerned newspaper coverage is a touching contrast to the horror of this criminal event.


I learned of Isabella Greenway, when our group of 10 writers visited beautiful, historic Arizona Inn, celebrating its 80th anniversary this year, 2011.

Thanks to Congresswoman Greenway’s family’s dedication to her dream to develop a first-class Inn, I experienced a delightful alfresco lunch with fellow writers. What was good enough for Eleanor and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Gary Cooper and many celebrities over the decades, was good enough for me. Isabella married (at different times) two of Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders. The woman was a force in her day!











writers-at-arizona-innThe photos capture the warm and welcoming atmosphere at the Inn. After lunch, we strolled the gardens.

From left: Ann, Barbara, Gail, Adriana, Allyson (instructor), Jayne, Sylvia, Julie, Monique



Arizona Inn Gates
Arizona Inn Gates

Arizona Inn Lounge and Dining Room































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