Sanctuary Sundays with Author Sue Reynolds

My personal sanctuary on retreat
My personal sanctuary on retreat

Author, Sue Reynolds identifies with writers’ needs to regenerate writing skills in a safe and quiet place. Her Sanctuary Sundays give new meaning to the word refuge.

From beginners to advanced level writers, a day with Sue at her country retreat is a peaceful environment for practising writing, or working on existing projects. Sue, an experienced facilitator and writing teacher, guides morning exercises in a large-windowed room overlooking woods and water.

If Ontario delivers spectacular September days, my day at the retreat was just that. I elected to spend 2 hours of private writing time in a zippered mesh gazebo on a grassy meadow beside the house.

Blue Jays squabbled at the bird feeder, adding to the hum of a late summer afternoon. Cloistered in a gazebo-tent, perfectly appointed with a single table and chair, I dedicated a focused effort that often eludes me at home. The time was a gift.

Other writers settled on the dock beside the pond, strolled the paths and trails, or nestled into cosy nooks with desks and plug-ins. There is only one rule for private time: silence. No one interrupts anyone else. Imagine that, my writer friends.

At a late-day gathering, participants shared their prose and poetry, uplifting on so many levels. A break-through on a difficult concept in my writing I’d avoided for a long time felt satisfying. This is an ongoing program with Sue Reynolds. I recommend to writers in the GTA to consider the high value of the boost they will enjoy from the experience.



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