My Ducks in a Row

img_5203I retreated from social media for a while … working to get my ducks in a row. My quackers were unwieldy blogs wandering aimlessly around the blogsphere.

I separated my photography interests a few years ago, but my writing interests were confusing, at best.

As a result, I created a new blog, Sidebar. It features my writing journey on the road to being published: book reviews, writers’ retreats, writing groups, writing associations … and nonsense things that amuse me. Please consider following me at the blog.

My first blog, Washburn Island: Memoir of a Childhood, is now exclusively about Washburn Island, Lake Scugog. My parents’ families owned 5 cottages on the island from the mid-30s until my parents sold our family cottage in 1991. It’s a dose of nostalgia, Ontario cottaging history, and interviews from others with an association with Washburn Island. Have a look and consider following me.

My photography blog is Camera Combo. All photos on this blog are my own. Not only a photo buff, I have a curiosity to go beyond the image and write about what I learn. This often involves getting permissions from people for places I feature. It’s my small way of giving back. Only last week I photographed the “carny folk” as they set up the midway for the Stoufville Strawberry Festival. I printed off 3 large photographs and gave them to the owner and a girl I featured. I invite you to follow the blog.

As a culture, we’re inundated with social media and technological challenges. I don’t blog often, so if you follow me, you won’t be overwhelmed with Mary McIntyre.

I’d love to hear from you through comments, or offline:






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