Washburn Island Memoir

My blog, Washburn Island: Memoir of a Childhood.

In 1930s Canada, two British immigrant families living in Toronto purchased cottage properties on isolated Washburn Island, Lake Scugog. Children grew up, married, fought in WWII — and brought a third generation of children to cottage life in the 40s. A violent tragedy on Washburn Island in the 50s kills a cousin and severely injures an aunt. Grief alters an innocent summer playground.

Follow a 60-year historical perspective on early cottage life close to Toronto.

My mother
My mother (4th from left) with future Aunts, Nora, Peg and May, and Mum’s cousin Jean on right. They were living at 3 family cottages purchased on the west side of Washburn Island in the 30s, now Wakeford Road: Humphries, Burrows and Richards. This is outside the Burrows’ cottage. My parents met on the island.